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Current Projects

"Nobody succeeds beyond their wildest expectations, 

unless they begin with some wild expectations"

On-going endeavors you are welcome to join.

All incorporate creative talents and involve a community of artists

looking to expand their horizons, just like you.

The Integration Project

Bridging the Musical Language Gap

We’ve all heard the saying, “Where words fail, music speaks” – and now, there’s a way to integrate words and music to enhance the understanding of culture, art, and history.

This project is focused on translating songs from one language to another while keeping the essence, meaning, and original composition integrated. 

The Passport Project

Showcasing Immigrant Singer/songwriters

An online Immigrant only singers/songwriter competition, where the winner will get a record album contract with Broadway Records.

Opening the door for US-based legal immigrant music creators to showcase their art, while being coached by industry experts.

Arts for Immigrants

Reshaping the View of Diversity

Arts for Immigrants (AFI) is an LLC organization that was created to serve the US-based
immigrant artists community.

Arts for immigrants' mission is to shed light on immigration issues through art and provide performance opportunities to immigrant artists.

AFI provides community space, knowledge resources, courses, coaching and so much more to help immigrant artists in the US or looking to make the move.

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Sabra Culture

Exploring Israeli Culture around NYC

We are Israeli Americans who care about our community. We thrive to inspire local organizers to provide Israeli cultural experiences for adult Israeli communities, wherever they may be.

As well as organizing high-quality Israeli cultural courses and events. 

Sabra Culture is a Not-for-Profit organization.